Our story began with surviving multiple life-threatening medical events.

Welcome to our story. No matter how sensitive the topic may be, how private the surgery, how personally devastating the injury, or how emotionally trying the recovery was, I will be as transparent as possible sharing my story to help the community.

My name is Eric Rogers and I am the founder of Tuff People. I was blessed as a child and as a teen to be relatively injury and illness free.

However, in my adult years this changed drastically!

It started with a massive Grand Mal Seizure that could have and undoubtably would have taken my life if not for the quick actions of knowledgeable family members.

Then, a few yeas later, a huge stoke left me paralyzed completely on the left side of my body, laying on the bathroom floor unable to move or speak, alone in an apartment, and likely to die, if not for my phone in my right hand and realizing that those fingers still worked.

Later, and completely non-related, there would be multiple combat training injuries from my time in the military. These lead to back injuries, knee surgeries endless PT & recovery, and a very scary surgery involving two cervical disc replacements with medical complications that still haunt me.

In the midst of all that, there was my marriage, our family, and that surgery men get when the wife say's "no more kids," snip snip. And wouldn't you know it, I was in the rare % of men to have complications and serious chronic post-operative pain.

Most recently, there has been my craniotomy removing two tumors. At the writing of this, I am less than 1 year post-op and my fight through recovery continues.

Much more could be said, too much to write here. For this reason, I have started to build our social media channels with as much content, videos on what to expect, helpful tips, and sharing everything down to the most personal details of our story in the hope that it will help you or someone in need.

My wife and son have been with me as steady support, and all of this has become part of their story. Thank you Son, thanks Babe, I love you both more than you know!

We are all strongest in community. I hope to be a light for you, shining on as many solutions tips tricks and aids as I can, an encouragement, and someone you can hopefully laugh at and with as you go through whatever recovery or challenge faces you. You are not alone!

Your friend in the fight,