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Welcome to Tuff People,

where your recovery journey is our top priority.

Eric Rogers, Founder of Tuff People

the founder and driving force behind Tuff People

Hi, I'm Eric

With over 20 years of personal experience in battling through life's toughest challenges, I know what it's like to face surgeries, life-threatening events, and countless hours of recovery.

My journey includes:

  • Surviving a grand mal seizure
  • Enduring multiple knee surgeries
  • A life-altering stroke that left me alone and stranded on the ground without the use of my left side
  • Fractured ribs
  • Recurrent nerve damage in my spine
  • Ruptured discs in my neck
  • The discovery of tumors in my head near my brain stem
  • Blood clots in my lungs

All of this causing 3 life-threatening events, resulting in 5 surgeries & over 200 physical therapy sessions.

Knee Surgery

Second Operation

Craniotomy - 2 Tumors Removed

2 Tumors Removed

Spine Surgery

2 Discs Replaced

Tuff People was born

Tuff People was born out of my personal struggles and unwavering determination to help others recover from surgery as swiftly and robustly as possible.

I understand the challenges, the pain, and the frustration that come with recovery, and I'm here to provide you with the ultimate solution to make your journey smoother.

I have lived this walk. Together, we'll overcome the obstacles and get you back to living your best, active life.

Your recovery begins here

Because we're not just a brand; we're a community of resilience and strength.

Join us in making your recovery journey a success!